‘Branques de Tinta’ (Ink Branches) is a print collection inspired by the poems by the Catalan poet Perejaume, from his book ‘Pagésiques’. 

I love these poems because they speak to me about connection, with the environment and with oneself. In particular, I enjoy the ones that talk about trees, their possible feelings and intentions, and how they relate to their surroundings and to us.

When people talk about ‘nature’, I usually feel that there is a sense of ‘otherness’ in the term, as if it was something different from us. As if we were somehow superior because our capacity for observation and reasoning was above the earth’s silent and mysterious being.

Perejaume's poems break with that sense of ‘otherness’.  He observes, listens and dialogues with the nature he belongs to. He manages to translate the language of the ‘plant world’ to the human, and helps us, the urbanites, to get a sense of connection to our natural environment. It reminds me that we are one together with everything else, that each single thing and person belongs, even if we express ourselves in different ways.


Linocut is an established professional print medium. 
It consists of carving a printing block by hand using specialist tools. Each edition is then inked with a brayer and printed on to acid-free paper, either by hand, with a hand-wound press or a roller press.



Pau Claris, 144, Barcelona
06/11/23 to 07/01/24