Ways to Disappear
Landscapes from the Soul collection
Acrylic paint on a canvas board
23.5 x 34.5 cm



This painting was inspired by the poem "Ways to Disappear" by Camille Rankine, which I found on Poets.org.

I thought of the kind of "disappearing" that takes place when someone is physically present, while they don't feel seen or heard. The person may have been censored, ignored, or not daring to show her feelings and views.


Esta pintura está inspirada en el poema "Maneras de Desaparecer" de Camille Rankine, que encontré en Poets.org.

Pensé en el tipo de "desaparición" que se da cuando una está físicamente presente pero no se siente vista ni escuchada. La retratada puede haber sido censurada, ignorada, o simplemente no atreverse a mostrar sus sentimientos y opiniones.

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